How To Use Mothballs Safely And Correctly

Wrap mothballs with paper when using in shoe cabinet

When mothballs are used in shoe cabinet, they should be wrapped with paper and then used again, you can wrap them with toilet paper or put them into small cloth bag and then put them into shoe cabinet. Because mothballs are not easy to volatilize, using too much is not only too much odor, but also bad for human health.


Don't touch the clothes with mothballs in the closet

Wrap the mothballs with sterile gauze or sew them into pockets, put a few hooks inside the closet, and hang these small gauze bags on the closet directly, which not only have good effect of insect and odor prevention, but also will not cause great harm to clothes.


Cautiously choose the number of mothballs used

Generally natural mothballs, when using, 2-3 pieces are enough for an ordinary family closet. 2-3 pieces are enough to eliminate the musty smell in the closet, and prevent clothes and bedding from small bugs. After using too much, not only is there no more super effect, but also the smell emitted will cause some harm to human body.


Use mothballs indoors with ventilation

When using mothballs indoors, you must remember to open the windows for ventilation every day and put away all the mothballs in rainy days to prevent the smell of mothballs from causing harm to human body due to the lack of indoor air circulation.


Clothes after using mothballs should be dried before wearing

Because the clothes with mothballs have the smell of mothballs, they must be killed by ultraviolet ray of the sun before wearing, so as not to cause skin allergy or toxic reaction.