Effect And Harm Of Mothballs

The Effect Of Mothballs

1. Mothballs has insect repellent effect on mosquitoes, cockroaches and other harmful insects.


2. Mothballs can emit natural fragrance, also can absorb moisture, eliminate odor and purify air.


3. Mothballs has obvious repellent effect on moths which are the most serious harm to wooden products, and is a precious protection for clothes, books and archives.


4. Mothballs itself has strong volatile camphor aroma, cool smell, refreshing.


Are mothballs useful for cockroaches?


mothballs are useful for cockroaches, but they can't completely eliminate cockroaches, they can only play the role of repelling cockroaches.


Are mothballs useful for mice?


The effect of mothballs in repelling rats is minimal. Although rats can be driven away to a certain extent, they will come back when the smell of mothballs evaporates.



The Harm Of Mothballs

Natural mothballs are less toxic, while chemical synthetic mothballs are more toxic, and long-term use will cause harm to human body.


Cause poisoning symptoms


Synthetic mothballs containing naphthalene or p-dichlorobenzene have pungent smell, and p-dichlorobenzene is toxic, it can cause human poisoning symptoms, such as tiredness, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, etc.


Affect the intelligence of infants and children


Newborn clothes can't put mothballss. When newborns wear clothes stored with mothballs, naphthol is very easy to enter the red blood cells in the body, and a large number of red blood cells are destroyed and lead to acute hemolysis. Mainly manifested as rapid anemia, severe jaundice and thick tea-like urine, serious heart failure can be caused, jaundice can be life-threatening due to nuclear jaundice, or leave different degrees of intelligent backwardness, motor impairment, etc.




Mothballs contain p-dichlorobenzene and naphthalene, which are pesticide products and generally used in industrial or agricultural products to prevent moths, and should not be used in household products. A large number of practices have proved that benzene substances are extremely harmful to human body. Therefore, the World Health Organization has designated it as a strong carcinogenic substance.