Deer Repellent Paper Balls

Protect your garden and yard with Twobrosrepellent deer repellent ball. Our all-natural formula uses a blend of essential oils to stop deer, elk, and moose from browsing in your outdoor spaces. The unique blend of ingredients messes up animals' senses, causing them to panic and immediately repel. With long-lasting rain-resistant protection, the ready-to-use deer repellent ball is easy to use and safe for pets and plants. Choose Twobrosrepellent for effective protection against deer and other wildlife

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Features of Deer Repellent Paper Ball

  • Features of Deer Repellent Paper Ball

    Keep Your Garden and Yard Free from Deer

    Say goodbye to deer, elk, and moose browsing in your garden and yard with Twobrosrepellent all-natural deer repellent paper ball. Our exclusive formula contains a blend of effective essential oils that stop deer in their tracks using multiple scents.

  • Features of Deer Repellent Paper Ball

    Mess Up Their Senses

    Our unique blend of ingredients is designed to mess up the animals' senses, making them panic and immediately repel them from your garden and yard.

  • Features of Deer Repellent Paper Ball

    Long-Lasting Rain-Resistant Protection

    Our deer repellent delivers long-lasting protection, effective for up to 2 months. Plus, it's water-resistant, so there's no need to re-apply after rainfall.

  • Features of Deer Repellent Paper Ball

    Easy to Use and Safe for Pets and Plants

    Simply place the repellent paper ball near the plants, flowers, trees, or vegetables that you want to protect. Our ready-to-use formula starts working immediately, and it's safe for people, pets, fruits, vegetables, and the environment when used as directed.

  • Features of Deer Repellent Paper Ball

    100% Natural Ingredients

    Our deer repellent is made from 100% natural and powerful ingredients sourced from essential oils. It provides 100% effective protection without harming the deer or your lawn, garden, or flower beds. 

How To Use Deer Repellent Paper Ball

Here are the steps to use deer repellent paper ball:

1. Identify the area where deer have been causing damage or where you want to prevent their entry.

2. Position the paper ball in a location that is visible to deer and in close proximity to the area of concern. You can hang or fix the paper ball on a rod, string or tree branch.

3. Before placing the paper ball, read the instructions on the product label to determine how many balls you should use for the affected area.

4. Ensure that the paper balls remain dry in order to maintain their effectiveness.

5. Check the paper balls periodically to ensure that they are still intact and replacing if damaged or if the smell starts to dissipate.

It is important to note that a deer repellent paper ball needs to be changed or replaced periodically because the effectiveness of the scent wears off over time.

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