Deer Repellent Pouches

Looking for a solution to keep deer from damaging your garden and yard? Look no further than Twobrosrepellent deer repellent pouches. Made with 100% natural ingredients from essential oils, our powerful and effective formula creates a long-lasting barrier that repels deer from your property. With no mess and easy-to-use pouches, protecting your plants and flowers has never been easier. Trust Twobrosrepellent deer repellent pouches for a safe and natural solution to your deer control needs.

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Features of Deer Repellent Pouches

  • Features of Deer Repellent Pouches

    Say Goodbye to Deer Damage with Twobrosrepellent Deer Repellent Paper Pouch

    Protect your precious plants, flowers, trees, and vegetables with our powerful and effective deer repellant. Our specially formulated insect repellent for yard is designed to get rid of deer and prevent them from eating your greenery, creating the ultimate deer control barrier.

  • Features of Deer Repellent Pouches

    All-Natural Ingredients for 100% Natural Protection

    Our deer deterrent is made from 100% natural and powerful ingredients from essential oils. These concentrated botanical oils are highly irritating to deer, providing natural protection that repels them from your property. With no harmful chemicals, you can rest easy knowing that our product is safe for the environment and your family.

  • Features of Deer Repellent Pouches

    Long-Lasting Protection for Up to 60 Days

    Our outdoor deer repellent delivers long-lasting protection for up to 60 days. The natural scent of our product is highly effective at repelling deer, and the concentrated formula means that you don't need to constantly reapply it. The odor can last about 30-60 days and is effective to repel the deers.

  • Features of Deer Repellent Pouches

    Easy to Use with No Mess

    Our deer repellent paper pouches are easy to use with no mess. Simply distribute the repellent packs in the desired areas, and the ready-to-use formula will start working immediately. You don't have to worry about cleaning up any spills or residue, making our product a hassle-free solution for deer control.

  • Features of Deer Repellent Pouches

    Pet and Plant Safe 

    Our deer repellent is safe for use around plants, pets, vegetation, and children when used as directed. Perfect for protecting tomatoes, bulbs, hibiscus, camellia, tulips, succulents, pumpkins, and fruit trees.  With our deer repellent paper pouch, you can keep your garden and yard free from deer damage without harming the environment or your loved ones.

Product instructions

Precautions for use:

1. Avoid direct contact with food, furniture, kitchen utensils, bedding and other items; avoid direct contact with items with paint or leather. A layer of plastic sheet is required to place it on such items (just cut a piece from the outer packaging).

2. After using the product, wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hand sanitizer and water to avoid accidentally touching your eyes or mouth.

3. The product needs to be stored out of the reach of children and pets, in a cool, dry place, and away from heat sources or open flames.

4. Avoid contact with the face, eyes, and mouth, and prevent children and pets from accidentally eating it.

FAQs of Deer Repellent Pouches

How Many Deer Repellent Pouches Are Required Per Area?

The number of pouches required per area depends on the size of the area and the level of deer activity. As a general guideline, it is recommended to use one pouch per 3-4 square meters.

How Do I Use Deer Repellent Pouches?

Hang the pouches on a garden stake, tree, or fence post, at intervals of 4-5 feet, around the perimeter of the area you want to protect. Spacing should be adjusted depending on the level of deer activity, with more pouches needed in areas with higher activity.

Are The Deer Repellent Pouches Effective On Other Animals?

The pouches are primarily designed to repel deer, but they can also keep away other animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons. However, the effectiveness may vary depending on the specific animal's sensitivity to the scent.

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