Does Rat Repellent Cream Work? Is It Harmful To Human Health?

Is rodent repellent cream useful?

Rodent repellent cream has some effect in the early stage of use.

1. Rat avoidance principle

The sense of smell and taste of rats is very well developed, and rat repellent cream mainly stimulates the sense of smell of rats through volatile odor to make them feel uncomfortable and disgusted with the environment they are in, so that they can flee the scene and achieve the purpose of rat repelling.

In addition to rodent repellent cream, it can also be used to repel stray cats, dogs, snakes, etc.

2. Scope of application

The scope of use of rodent repellent cream mainly includes kitchen, living room, bedroom, balcony, bathroom, office, hotel, warehouse, closet, machine room, storage room, etc. The effective range of a bottle of rodent repellent paste is about 15-20 square meters.

3. Use

(1) Rotate the cap counterclockwise and remove the foam gasket or protective film from the cap.

(2)Tear off the 3M adhesive at the bottom and stick it in the engine compartment. Or directly re-cap the bottle counterclockwise, and then put the bottle of rodent repellent cream in the place where you need to repel rodents.

Is the rodent repellent cream is harmful to the human body?

1. The harm of rodent repellent cream on the human body

Currently sold online rodent repellent cream is mostly plant formulations (mainly active water, plant active agents, emulsifiers, etc.), with a strong odor. Generally, as long as there is no intake, basically harmless to humans.

2. The use of rodent repellent cream precautions

(1) Do not put the anti-rodent cream in the air intake of the air conditioning network as far as possible to avoid gas entering the cab.

(2) Do not paste the mice and rodent repellent paste under the engine or high temperature parts, otherwise it will easily cause the paste to melt and the adhesive glue to fall off.

(3) The goods should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry room to avoid children's contact and accidental ingestion.

(4) The expiration date of the mousetrap is about 60 days after opening.