Can Babies Use Mosquito Repellent

Newborn babies have delicate skin and are easily bitten by mosquitoes, so parents must do a good job of repelling mosquitoes in the summer so that newborn babies are protected from mosquitoes. At present, there are many mosquito repellent products on the market, mosquito repellent is more commonly used, it is also very convenient to use. So, can babies use mosquito repellent? This is a lot of parents are very concerned about the issue.

Is safe for babies to use mosquito repellent?

After research, the active ingredient DEET in mosquito repellent is currently one of the most effective anti-mosquito products. Its direct action in the mosquito's tactile organs and chemical receptors, so as to achieve the role of repellent mosquitoes. Apply mosquito repellent to anti-mosquito solution on the skin, the agent will evaporate with body temperature to form a protective film, so that mosquitoes do not dare to approach. Normally, the application of mosquito repellent can make the body from the vast majority of mosquito bites in up to eight hours. Under normal circumstances, mosquito repellent has no obvious side effects on the human body, but improper use is likely to cause health hazards.

When using mosquito repellent for babies, you need to be especially careful, because the repellent can easily enter the body because of the baby's licking, which may lead to the phenomenon of poisoning. In addition, too high a concentration of mosquito repellent can easily lead to skin allergies in infants, resulting in skin problems such as rashes.

When using mosquito repellent for babies, parents should choose a special mosquito repellent for babies with low DEET content, generally speaking, the DEET content should be less than 10%. In addition, when applying mosquito repellent to infants, avoid spraying directly at the baby, especially the head and face. Parents can first spray the repellent on their own hands, and then apply it to the baby. If the baby has wounds, rashes, etc., you can not apply mosquito repellent on the wound, otherwise it will easily lead to wound inflammation, and the ingredients of the insect repellent are extremely easy to penetrate directly into the body through the wound.

How to repel mosquitoes for babies?

The most ideal method is to eliminate the breeding of mosquitoes from the source, parents should clean the corners of the home easy to accumulate water and drainage areas, to eliminate the breeding of mosquitoes. In addition, in the room where the baby is installed with anti-mosquito screens, baby sleep to add mosquito nets.

Use an appropriate amount of vitamin B1 dissolved in water, and then the solution will be applied to the baby's body, can play the ideal effect of mosquito repellent.

Before the baby sleeps, parents can use the electric mosquito racket in the mosquito net "sweep" a circle, first to eliminate mosquitoes, and then let the baby into the bed, and put down the mosquito net. Electric mosquito racket mainly through high-voltage electricity to extinguish mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc., because of the quick results, no chemical pollution received a lot of people's welcome. But the electric mosquito racket must be good collection, prevention and control of infant contact, because although the electric mosquito racket current is very small, but there will be a feeling of paralysis.

Parents need to do in the baby room absolutely prohibit spraying insecticide. Insecticide composition of the baby's health will cause serious impact, infants such as inhalation of excessive insecticide, will occur acute hemolytic reaction, organ hypoxia, serious cases lead to heart failure, organ damage or turn into aplastic anemia. Therefore, parents must pay extra attention for the sake of the baby's health.