Advantages And Disadvantages of Mosquito Repellents

Advantages of mosquito repellents

Synthetic repellents are more effective compared to natural repellents. All it takes is a little effort, turning on the electronic vaporizer, lighting the coil or inserting the pad to keep the bugs out. The purpose is the same, and the advantages of using different repellents are the same.

All-round protection

Repellent-based gels, lotions, oils, creams and wipes can not only protect indoors, but are also effective outdoors. Therefore, if you plan to walk around the lake, park or garden, make sure to apply insect repellent creams for maximum protection.

Insecticide sprays are an instant solution

Insecticides are based on concentrated chemicals (mosquito repellent-diethyltoluidine, Picardin and IR-3535) which are very effective in preventing and killing invasive fleas, including mosquitoes. Spray them in areas of the house where mosquito populations are very high. Just like other insecticides, it will kill mosquitoes immediately.

Safety guarantee for malaria and other diseases

Malaria is a life-threatening disease caused by mosquito bites. Although it is curable, nearly 230 million cases of malaria were reported in 2019 alone. If left untreated, mild symptoms such as fever, fatigue and headache can be fatal. Personal protection measures (PPM) such as the use of mats, mosquito nets, liquid vaporizers, and mosquito coils are also effective tools to curb mosquito-borne infections.

A wide range of safe alternatives

The biggest benefit of using synthetic or natural mosquito repellents is to use personal protection in any way you like. So, if you are allergic to insecticides or sensitive to certain types of lotions or gels, you may choose to sleep under an insecticide-treated mosquito net (ITN) to avoid contact with mosquitoes.

Disadvantages of mosquito repellents

Depending on the area, space, environment, age of family members and their sensitivities, there may be some drawbacks to using mosquito repellents. Mosquito or insect repellents use active insecticides to kill airborne insects. It is very likely that more or less likely to be affected by chemicals. Other risks of mosquito repellent measures listed some other hazards.

The use of insecticides

All synthetically manufactured repellents contain concentrated insecticides, which can cause serious to minor health risks if inhaled or exposed to them. Vaporizer liquid contains a certain amount of dangerous chemicals (promethrin or pyrethroids), which will fill the room with a strong fragrance. If you stay in the room longer, you may start to feel breathless, breathing problems, dizziness, stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting, skin infections, etc.

Gel, lotion, spray will not last longer

Short-term effect is another limitation of using insect repellents. The effect of gels, lotions and creams only lasts a few hours, after which they need to be reapplied to the skin. Therefore, if you are ready to sleep, it is best to look for alternatives to mosquito repellents The downside is that using too much of these substances does not protect, but can make the skin more toxic. The best alternative to chemical repellents is to use natural compounds that have minimal or no adverse effects on the skin.

Coils and incense produce smoke and dust

Coils can last 7 to 12 hours and can cause breathing problems and allergies when burned indoors. The smoke produced can even cause lung cancer. Therefore, it is recommended that coils be placed in all openings to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room. If you put it in a room, make sure it is properly ventilated. Since mosquito incense can burn for hours, there is also a risk of fire if it is not burned properly. Make sure there are no flammable or combustible items near the place where the lit mosquito incense is stored.

Need a backup battery

Mosquito extinguishers need power to work for a limited period of time. Due to the fear of electrocution, these must be kept away from babies