8 Plants That Keep Insects Away

Now that the weather is warming up, many of us are firing up our grills, pulling out our patio furniture, and spending more time outside. The downside to the weather warming up is insects coming back around. Nothing ruins a cookout faster than flies and mosquitoes. So, this grilling season, keep the insects away with these seven plants.

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As humans, we love the smell of lavender, and after the year we’ve all had, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep some around to help us relax. But did you know that insects hate the smell? Lavender oil is a natural mosquito repellent, and hanging dried lavender in your closet is a great way to keep moths away from your clothes.

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Basil is a great addition to any herb garden, and it tastes so good on Caprese salad. Those are already two solid reasons to have basil growing at your house, but basil also keeps mosquitoes out of your garden and home. Keep fresh basil near windows and doors to keep insects from coming inside.

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There’s something so refreshing about fresh mint in a glass of iced tea, but no one loves iced tea with a side of flying insects. Menthol, an active ingredient in mint, is a natural pesticide and keeps mosquitoes away, as well as mice. Keep in mind when growing mint that it spreads very fast. If you intend to grow it, place it in its own garden or planter.

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The Old Farmer’s Almanac says, ‘if the bugs are really bad, like around dusk, throw a few sprigs of rosemary on the grill, and the aromatic smoke will help drive the mosquitoes away.’ In addition to mosquitoes, rosemary does a fantastic job of repelling cabbage moths and flies.

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Marigolds do a great job at keeping mosquitos, plant lice, and even rabbits at bay. A great place to plant marigolds is in your flower beds near the front or back door to keep insects from coming inside and in your vegetable garden to keep rabbits and mosquitoes from harming your plants.

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If you’re going to add any one plant to your home to keep insects away, make sure it’s Chrysanthemums. This plant works so well that many bug sprays that can be found in stores use this as an ingredient. These flowers keep ants, Japanese beetles, roaches, bed bugs, spider mites, silverfish, harlequin bugs, and lice away.

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It’s true what they say, you can never have too much garlic when it comes to seasoning your food, and the same is true in your garden. Garlic is a great option to keep Japanese beetles, root maggots, carrot root flies, and codling moths away from your vegetables and flowers.

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Lemongrass contains citronella, one of the most well-known mosquito repellents. Citronella is commonly used in candles, but growing lemongrass actually does a better job at repelling mosquitoes because the plant in its natural form provides a stronger smell.